Zombies & Gender Equality in Video Games

The Walking Dead has taken on many iterations since it’s debut comic in 2003.  Said comic spawned an enormous following which produced an award winning television series, web series, and multiple video games including the episodic video game series by publisher Telltale Games which will be the focus of this analysis.  The Walking Dead video game does not adhere to the social constructs of gender roles as set forth by the patriarchal ideology that governs media, but rather establishes that all characters are equal.  This equality is visible during gameplay because a character’s gender is never brought up but rather what skills, like hunting and leadership, the individual can bring to the group are in order to achieve the goal of survival in the zombie apocalypse.  The men are just as fragile and susceptible to being zombie fodder as the women are, leaving everyone on equal grounds. Continue reading

Women We Love To Hate

Prominent women have been characterized by both the media and society as “women we love to hate”.  These women who are pinpointed by the media must negotiate the negative  publicity that follows them and turn it into positive publicity that they can benefit from.  Two women who have taken advantage of the spotlight the media has put on them and used it to their advantage is Princess Diana and Bristol Palin. Continue reading