Rodan + Fields: A New Adventure

I’ve started something new, something a little intimidating, but something that I know will be rewarding. I have become a consultant for the dermatologist created skin care

Dr. Fields (left) and Dr. Rodan (right)

company Rodan + Fields. It was created locally in San Francisco by the Doctors who created Proactiv. Basically this stuff works and is reputable.

Now how did I learn about this product you may be wondering? Strangely enough from my boyfriend’s ex-bosses wife Lucy who is now not only my “up-line” but also my friend. I attended one of her “BBLs” or Big Business Launch events to learn about the product. I came in with the same attitude as others. I assumed it was similar to Mary Kay or Avon. The whole sell for a company didn’t appeal to me…until Jody started to tell me about the company.

This company is has an advantage over Avon, Mary Kay, and other multi-level marketing companies because of it’s saturation level. Everyone has heard of Avon rodan-fieldsand Mary Kay because their market is saturated or in other words they already have a customer base. This can be a bad thing because there are so many consultants for those companies it is hard for a new consultant to sell since many customers already have their up-line. In contrast Rodan + Fields is a relatively product that not as well known as other products. This is an advantage to her consultants because it provides for a bigger, untapped customer base.

Rodan + Fields also rewards it’s consultants. In addition to a monthly paycheck R+F has incentives awarded when one reaches a certain milestone. For example when one earns 5 “miles” you are awarded the first tier award of your choosing. It could be anything that ranges from a R+F branded beach towel to a R+F branded umbrella. The tiers only get better from there! My up-line Jody has received and Apple Watch, luggage, jewelry, wireless speakers, and even a MacBook! The possibilities are endless.

I could go on but then that would not leave too much for another post. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!

More updates to come…Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 2.25.19 PM



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